Communication for Managers

My Takeaways: Communication for Managers

  • What’s the big idea – for presentation: in 20 words or less. Add the ‘what’s at stake’ 
  • Watch the iPhone announcement 
  • Less verbiage on decks – Apple 
  • Intros are important, so is the conclusion 
  • Structure is key 
  • Headline first 
  • Bring all three elements together with an example
  • Look at the slides from lesson (9/7) 
  • Change Management by Kotter( 
    1. Create a sense of urgency – help others see the need for change through a bold, aspirational opportunity statement that communicates the importance of acting immediately 
    2. Build a guiding coalition – a volunteer army needs a coalition of effective people – born of its own ranks – to guide it, coordinate it, and communicate its activities 
    3. Form a strategic vision and initiatives – clarify how the future will be different from the past and how you can make that future a reality through initiatives linked directly to the vision 
    4. Enlist a volunteer army – large-scale change can only occur when massive numbers of people rally around a common opportunity. They must be bough-in and urgent to drive change – moving in the same direction 
    5. Enable action by removing barriers – removing barriers such as inefficient processes and hierarchies provides the freedom necessary to work across silos and generate real impact 
    6. Generate short term wins – wins are molecules of results. They must be recognized, collected and communicated  – early and often – to track progress and energize volunteers to persist 
    7. Sustain acceleration – press harder after the first successes. Your increasing credibility can improve systems, structures and policies. Be relentless with initiating change after change until the vision is a reality 
    8. Institute change – articulate the connections between new behaviors and organizational success, making sure they continue until they become strong enough to replace old habits 

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